We coordinate various contractors to ensure that the required renovation is completed on time and within budget. We also work closely with the hotel staff to minimize disruption of operations and any negative impact on guests. It’s our priority to make sure that your hotel consulting services meet your expectations.

Manhattan Construction and Renovation’s team involves experienced members with the capacity to create entirely new hotels or redesign and renovate existing ones. Our consulting services include guidance and counselling about your hotel construction and renovation projects.

We offer a one time consultancy for short term or long term services.

What is included

Pre-Development Consulting

Professional services referrals

Alternative uses analysis

Site analysis

Development Consulting

Project entitlement

Planning guidance

Design oversight

Manhattan Construction and Renovation found the right guy for the job, and more importantly the right price.

Preconstruction Planning

Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made in the initial planning of any construction job.  At Manhattan Construction, we approach all projects in a collaborative manner, as we believe that we can accomplish more as a team.

Using this approach with our own projects has provided us with the expertise and insight to guide any construction team through all phases of a construction project.


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