Streamlined Quality

We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement. With the design and construction both being in our hands, this allows for a more clear goal to fulfill, and will allow for our teams to complement each other’s work.

This allows our project manager to communicate with our clients much more to get a real understanding of your needs for project completion. And with the understanding comes attention to detail and better results

Manhattan Construction & Renovation is the top of the line when it comes to innovation and redesign. They are very helpful through the whole process and treat you as their own.


With every job we do, we cater to what the customer wants, and there is no better time to start than Pre-construction planning. During this step of our services many important matters are mapped out such as, budgeting, cost estimation, schedule development, and value engineering.

With this we plan for the inevitable and make sure to be prepared in case any important business dates or any issues arise during scheduled development.


Let us help you

Cost Savings

For maximum efficiency our design and construction teams work together to evaluate the most cost-effective method of completing the job.

Time Savings

Our designers and constructors build a road map to a project to ensure as little downtime as possible. We work to be sure we have all materials needed to prevent any wasted time and allowing for a quicker start on the job.